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Get Top-class Excavation Services in Huntsville

excavator in construction site

Looking for excavation services in Huntsville? We at Excavation Plus Inc have the right machinery and expertise to handle residential as well as commercial excavation requirements. We have worked on a lot of excavation jobs in different conditions and for different requirements. Our team at Excavation Plus Inc is adept and well trained in the best practices used by top companies in the field to provide you with simple and hassle-free services with ease.

Our Services

Excavation is an important part of construction and involves everything from laying foundations to making swimming pools. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you get the following services:

foundation work of housing construction

ICF foundations

ICF or Insulated Concrete Forms is a prevalent type of foundation wall laid for building new homes. These offer much more durability and strength to your house as compared to standard foundations.

hanging retro black metal iron chandelier lighting

Complete electrical services

Our electricians can help you with all the electrical services you may need, from indoor lighting to testing and inspection works. We can even do complete wiring for your new home and install all the equipment and appliances.

ICF foundations
custom built luxury house

Custom home building

If you have a piece of land and wish to build a custom home on it, we are the people that you should call. Our team can understand your requirements and vision with ease and will construct your new custom home from the ground up.

septic tank installation in construction site

Septic systems

We provide efficient septic tank installation at affordable costs. Our team can help you check the site and do the necessary preparations so that your system can be installed as soon as possible.

Custom home building
single family house built of red bricks,with a large driveway

Road building

Be it forestry roads or driveways; our team can help you build roads that can last for a long time. We have worked on several high-quality roadways for our commercial and residential clients.

forest pond in spring colors and paints


We can help you excavate, install or provide maintenance for any ponds. Our team has the experience, equipment and tools to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Road building
groundwater hole drilling machine

Dug wells

Humans have been using dug wells as a source of water for centuries, and many still continue to do so. We at Excavation Plus Inc can help you dig a well that can provide an extended supply of water by identifying the right spot for digging and get the best results in the least amount of time.

excavator loader in sandpit


One can require the help of excavation services for a variety of different things during construction. It can include general earthworks, tunnelling, trenching and wall shafts etc. Our team can help you with all the excavation requirements you may have at competitive costs.

Dug wells
large brick home with circular driveway


We can help you build a driveway that can last for a long time despite adverse weather conditions and wear and tear. Our engineers can work with various high-grade materials and help you lay different types of roads with ease.

excavator grapple during clearing forest for new development

Lot clearing

This is a very common service that is required in properties that are undergoing transformations. Our lot clearing involves cleaning up the area and removing trees, rocks, shrubs etc. so that the construction can be started quickly.

prepared foundation for building a house


Existing houses, as well as new constructions, require grading. It is a service done to achieve a level floor or create one with a slope specified under requirements. We can get it done for you expertly and on time.

natural stone landscaping

Retaining walls

If you want to build a retaining wall for your garden or backyard, we can help you out. Our team can build retaining walls so that you can get the landscaped look you want for the area.

landscape design with plants, flowers and stone in backyard


A lot of people want to change the way their gardens or certain areas of their garden look. Our landscaping services are designed specifically for this and include combining design features with living elements like flowers and plants.

basement excavation

Basement excavation

If you are looking to rough out your basement to build it properly, basement excavation is necessary. Digging a basement is complex, and it gets tougher as the depth increases, but with our experience and knowledge, we can get it done within your budget and timescale.

swimming pool excavation

Pool excavation

Excavating a pool yourself can be quite a challenging task if you lack the right tools and knowledge. But when you are working with our excavation specialists, we ensure that you get the pool area you always wanted quickly and within your budget.

demolition of the old building


Are you looking to demolish a building? Let us help you with our experience and expertise in the task. We have the right tools to do the job and provide proper cleanup at affordable cost and high efficiency.

Pool excavation

Looking to Excavate?

We have all the essential tools for various excavation services that you may need.

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